Compaction grouting is a technique for ground improvement accomplished by injecting the in-situ soil with very low slump grout (homogeneous mass) under pressure.

The grout does not enter the soil pores, but forms a grout bulb that displaces and densifies the surrounding soil. Every job site requires a site-specific design due to varying soil properties and repair criteria. Proper injection pipe spacing, stage depths, pumping pressures, pumping rates, mix design, grout quantities, and equipment are essential for a successful project. GMI has the expertise and experience needed to ensure the proper techniques are used on your project.

Geyserville Compaction Grouting


Compaction grouting can be used for:

  • Densification of soil for increased bearing capacity
  • Mitigation of liquefiable soil
  • Raising and leveling of existing structures
  • Compensation of ground loss during tunneling operations
  • Continuous grout columns designed as structural elements