Transbay Transit Center, San Francisco, CA


Project Name: Transbay Transit Center
Location: San Francisco, California
Owner: Transbay Joint Power Authority
Contractor: Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc.
Completed: Ongoing


GMI was contracted by Balfour Beatty to repair cracks and shut-off/control water leaks on the CDSM wall ELEMENTS FOR THE Transbay Transit Center/Caltrain Downtown Extension (TTC/DTX) project. The method of repair being used for this project is polyurethane injection using Prime Resins Prime Flex 920.

This project has been very challenging due to the high water table, the low unconfined compressive strength of the CDSM wall and access to the affected areas. This project is the critical center piece of a long range visionary transportation plan that will transform downtown San Francisco and regional transportation well in to this century.